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Manage your seller profile

Artmoove provides all the tools needed for you to display and sell your original artworks to a worldwide customer base, via the web.
We welcome a vast array of artworks on the platform, you have complete control over all aspects of your seller profile page; and what you sell.


Fulfil Orders

Buyers who wish your artworks make their purchases instantly via the site! Artmoove will notify you when this happens, and provide you with all of the information you need to ship the artwork to your customer.

All sellers on Artmoove are responsible for packaging-up and shipping artworks to their related buyers.
Buyers often have questions about artworks or delivery methods and may thus desire to contact you through the Artmoove messaging system. Be available to help answer any questions and solve any issues that may occur. We exhort you to talk as often and as openly as possible!

Get Paid

There are no membership or listing fees for selling on Artmoove – we take a 30% commission only on sales transacted through the site. Simply let us know how you would like to be paid (bank transfer or PayPal), and your order revenues will be deposited into your nominated account once the artwork has been delivered to the customer and the 14 day return period has expired.

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Buying on Artmoove
Artmoove features a wide variety of artists and galleries with the aim of offering the most up-to-date range of contemporary artworks achievable.
Buying on Artmoove means having access to an extensive number of artworks of different style, media, and formats by emerging and established artists that our team of expert art curators has carefully selected.
Artmoove has been designed to offer customers the most intuitive browsing experience: each artist and gallery has his own page where all needed information are provided. For every artwork, customers have access to quality visuals and descriptions. Artmoove is a very user friendly platform: customers can follow and like artists, galleries and artworks; give feedback on artists and galleries they have been ordering from; expand contemporary art awareness reading Artmoove Magazine.


• FREE 14 day returns policy on all purchases

• Discover affordable authentic paintings, sculptures, works on paper, photographs, mixed media. 

• Follow your favourite artists and galleries and receive contant updates from their sales, and recently added artworks

• Worldwide delivery

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